Handi+ Medical oxygen analyzer


This small and durable spot check oxygen monitor is the ideal device for quick checks of your effective altitude during training. Its simplicity of use and affordable price of the Handi Oxygen Monitor make it an easy addition to any system.

The Handi+ O2 analyzer is  a simple-to-use, one-touch calibration button, calibration reminder, automatic off.


Fully compatible with all b-Cat tents and our Workout system

One-touch calibration button
Durable overmold for extra protection
Small, convenient, and portable
12 month warranty
Sensor Type galvanic cell with Temperature Compensation (Non-Replaceable) Measurement Range
Measurement Range 0.0 - 99.9% oxygen (gas)
Resolution Display 0.1% - The three digit LCD
Response Time < 15 seconds for 90% step change (at 25°C)
Battery Life Approximately 1850 hours (74,000 cycles)
Weight < 100 grams