Altitude room conversions 


With the newly designed FlowX-pro Altitude generator, we are able to raise every bed / training room and offer the ultimate comfort of Altitude training.

The FlowX-pro Altitude generator comes with a Touch panel and provides automated, highly accurate altitude control, in addition, the system is pre-programmable.


A perfect 'semi' setup that gives you the ultimate comfort

FlowX-pro Altitude generator has been specially developed to automatically control your entire bed / training room up to approximately 40 m3.

The FlowX-pro can be placed about 20 meters from the altitude room, so that there is no nuisance from the sound of the generator. The FlowX-pro is controlled by a touch panel placed in the altitude room, which ensures a very accurate altitude control.

The control Touch panel is programmable at different altitudes with multiple settings per day. As a result, the room is always at the right altitude at the desired time. Manual operation is of course also possible and the altitude can be set in different ways, on current altitude meters, oxygen value or Feet.


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