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For athletes, it means gaining an edge over the competition; for enthusiasts, a performance boost; and for medical purposes, a path to well-being. Explore the benefits of training at altitude and reach new heights in your personal goals

At, we offer ready-to-use packages that include everything you need to start altitude training immediately. Whether you're an experienced athlete looking to elevate your performance, an enthusiastic amateur seeking new challenges, or someone simply aiming to improve overall health and fitness, our packages are designed to meet your specific needs.

Each package is carefully curated to ensure you can start altitude training hassle-free with immediate results. Whether you prefer training at home, need a portable solution for training on the go, or want to create a specific training environment, our packages provide the perfect solution.

Choose from our range and start discovering the benefits of altitude training today. Our expert support is ready to assist you in selecting the right package that aligns with your goals and requirements.

Ready-made packages - Package deals

Explore our diverse range of packages tailored to meet your needs for an optimal altitude training experience. Achieve maximum results with our customized solutions!

Altitude training

Work-out package

Altitude training will increase your endurance and reduce the chance of altitude-related symptoms.

Altitude training

Sleep package Queen

A package with everything you need to sleep at high altitude, in the comfort of your own home, in a Queen size tent.

Altitude training

Sleep package Head space

Complete package extremely suitable for acclimatization, quickly reach the desired heights due to its compactness.

Altitude training

Total package

This package combines all you need for every mode of altitude training at the highest level and at the most economical price.

Transform your

complete bedroom

We designed a generator for automatically control of your entire bedroom/training room up to approximately 40m3/h1.

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