Wrist pulse SPO2 sensor (incl. datalogging & reporting)

Item number: 101022

An wrist pulse SPO2 sensor is the instrument to measure the effect of height on the body. The lower the saturation, the harder the body is at work to transport enough oxygen to the muscles and organs. A saturation meter is therefore extremely important for people who want to train or sleep at height. 


The wrist pulse SPO2 sensor is a must to create a controlled "Living High - Train Low" simulation.

With the wrist pulse SPO2 sensor you can monitor the effect of altitude training on your heart rate and blood oxygen level and optimize the training benefits. The wrist pulse SPO2 sensor is suitable for nighttime recording of SpO2 and pulse, the recorded data can be printed in reports for checking.

Measuring the SPO2 (oxygen saturation) is the only way to follow an altitude training program.


The wrist pulse SPO2 sensor measures your SP02 and heart rate by means of a ring sensor. All this data is stored in the WellOxy Mobile app that can be downloaded for free on your smartphone.

Continuous Wireless monitoring of SPO2, Pulse rate and pulse wave
Continuous recording on mobile device via Bluetooth
Patented ring sensor
Build in vibration (alarm), to be adjustable in App
Never goes from finger
Comfortable and soft
Size 44 x 25 x 15 mm (Main unit (wrist))
Weight 12 gram
Display OLED
Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
Record parameters Blood Oxygen ( SPO2), Heart rate, Motion
Vibration Triggered by Saturation ( adjustable in App)
Battery Life 24 hours
Battery Rechargeable
Certification CE and FDA approved