Altitude training sleep package Head Space (Incl. 21% VAT)

Item number: 101009

Suitable for sleeping at altitude


  • Altitudes up to 6400 meters
  • Incl. oxygen tent
  • Incl. training protocols

Product description 


The altitude training sleep package with the head space teny is suitable for beginners to professionals. The sleeping package is equipped with all the necessities to sleep at a altitude. The package is easy to place and doesn't need much space.


The small tent which only if covering the head is extreemly suitable for acclimatisation, because of the limited volume altitude can be reached very easy.


You improve your performance at events at both sea level and at altitude, but can of course also be used for rehabilitation and acclimatization needs. When you sleep at altitude, your body responds by producing more red blood cells. More red blood cells give you more stamina. If you sleep 8-10 hours a day in a Altitude tent designed by b-Cat, you will get the benefits of "sleeping high, training low".

All our products are of high quality and are already used worldwide by individuals, top athletes, academies and universities.The package is very easy to install and comes with a manual so you can get started in minutes.

This package contains
Altitude generator (Altitudes up to 6400 meters)
b-Cat altitude tent head space type
Connection set altitude packages
Wrist pulse SPO2 sensor (incl. datalogging & reporting)
b-Cat sports backpack
Trainings protocols