FlowX-Pro Altitude generator (Incl. 21% BTW)

Item number: 101050

From Camping to Glamping

A perfect semi-setup that will provide you with ultimate comfort

  • Altitudes up to 6000 meters
  • Air flow of no less than 10,000 liters/hour  (10 m3/h1)
  • Automatically steered between 0 – 6000 meters altitude

Experience the ultimate comfort with our perfect semi-permanent setup.

The FLOWX-pro Altitude generator is specially designed to automate the altitude of your entire bedroom/training space, up to approximately 40 m3/h1.

The FLOWX-pro can be placed about 20 meters away from the altitude chamber, ensuring minimal noise disruption. It is controlled by a Touch Panel placed inside the altitude chamber, ensuring precise control.

The Touch Panel can be programmed for various altitudes with multiple settings per day, ensuring your altitude chamber is always at the desired level at the right time. Manual control is also possible, with altitude adjustments based on current altitude meters, oxygen levels, or in Feet


Specifications FLOWX-Pro Touch panel
Air stream 10.000 liter/uur ( 10 m3/h1) Touch panel controlled Siemens Comfort Touch Panel
Automatic control Between 0 - 6000 meter Programmable Weekly program with different settings per day
Voltage 220 Volt / 12 Ampère Mounting Inside Altitude chamber
Dimensions ( W x D x H) 70 x 65 x 140 centimeter Access Password protected
Noise level < 60 dB @ 1 meter Language program English, Dutch, French & German
Warranty 2 years