Iron Complex Gold

Item number: 101089

When you sleep or train at altitude, your body produces more red blood cells and consumes more iron. Therefore, it's crucial to replenish this properly for the optimal effect of altitude training. Unfortunately, we often see poor absorption of iron supplements, but after years of searching and extensive testing, we have found an iron supplement that is optimally absorbed by the body thanks to its unique composition.

  • 3 different iron compounds
  • Contributes to the formation of red blood cells
  • Helps reduce fatigue With vitamin C for better absorption
  • Ideal for increased iron need

Before starting the planned altitude training camp, it may be useful to check the iron status. A good iron status is important for the effectiveness of altitude training.

Contents: 90 vegetarian capsules

NZVT certified: Iron Complex Gold is produced according to the (anti-doping) standards of the NZVT system and therefore carries the NZVT logo.

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