Oxygen Analyzer

Item number: 101060

Use the oxygen sensor to measure the oxygen concentration in the air, or in the air supply tubes.


The oxygen sensor is used to confirm the oxygen concentration you are in (or getting supplied through the mask). The sensor is easy to calibrate and uses an external easily replaceable oxygen sensor, which will last approximately 3 years. It comes in a compact, water-resistant housing. The supplied sampling tee (blue) fits in line with the air supply hose for direct measurement. It can also be used in the altitude tents. Includes case, oxygen sensor, cable, sampling tee and connection connector.

Onn / Off Auto switch - Off
Measuring range 0 - 100% Oxygen
Accuracy +/- 1% full scale
Resolution +/- 0.1%
Sensor life 24 - 36 months (10 months by 100% Oxygen)
Sensor replaceable Yes
Battery life 12 months (typical)